Manual de programación con control remoto ALPHA
Part number: 9704-0022
Revision date: 11/12/1998
Title: Manual de programación con control remoto ALPHA
Description: This document describes how to use the Alpha Infrared Remote Control Keyboard. This keyboard may be used to program the following Alpha signs: 215 Series, 220C, 300 Series, 420 NEMA Series, 4000 Series (NEMA and non-NEMA), 7000 Series (NEMA and non-NEMA), Big Dot, Window Display, Personal Priority Display, and Solar Series. It may also be used to program the following Betabrite signs: 1026 model, 1040 model, Big Dot, Window Display, and Director. While it can be used to program older Alpha displays with the infrared receiver add-on feature, you should refer to the instruction manual for your sign to identify the features that can be programmed in your sign. Click here for more information.

NOTE: This manual is in Spanish. Click here for the English version of this manual: 9704-0002.

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