New York Times
College Point Facility--Queens, New York
Publishers of the New York Times (NYT), one of the world's largest daily newspapers, desired to incorporate state-of-the-art communications at their new College Point Facility. In other facilities, communication of changes or problems took place by both walkie-talkie and telephone. Those down the line heard the news through a 15-minute walkie-talkie grapevine from the control room managers to management then to foremen on to supervisors, finally reaching plant employees. Moreover, some employees might carry on two conversations or more at once, occasionally leading to confusion.

Desert Star Cinema
Wisconsin Dells, WI
The Desert Star Cinema is a 10-theatre multiplex. Scott Sklenar, Operations Manager for Desert Star, desired to install LED signs “as part of our way of doing business, [to] improve operations, [and to] be consistent with our image to the public of providing a modern system for their entertainment.”

Engineered Plastics
Milwaukee, WI
Management of Engineered Plastics Corporation, a plastics molding facility specializing in short run, highly engineered parts, desired to monitor plant-wide processes and variations from a single location using an HMI (Human Machine Interface) system. Management also wanted to make that information available to all employees in order to improve reaction time to any parameter variations.

General Cinema Corporation
Milwaukee, WI
General Cinema Corporation built an 18-theatre multiplex covering 130,000 square feet. The company needed to post show times, show status (e.g. Sold Out) and special promotions at the box office. To reduce customer confusion, General Cinema planned to install directional signs throughout the facility. Because information posted on the signs changes regularly, the company wanted to tie all of the signs to its box office software system so that messages automatically update when changes occur.

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