Build Safety Awareness with the Alpha Message Center

The Alpha Electronic Message Center is an excellent tool for increasing employee safety awareness. Because of its versatility, you can program an endless variety of messages. Seeing different messages each day will remind employees of the importance of on-the-job safety.

Caution: Wear Your Safety Goggles

In addition, the Alpha Message Center lets you respond directly to your company's specific information needs with instant, personal communication. When announcing an important bulletin, the Alpha Message Center saves you the time and effort of typing, played on this page are just a few copying and distributing the message to each employee.

Caution: Slippery When Wet

A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

By combining colorful, attention-getting graphics together with words, you can reinforce positive safety attitudes in a way that printed materials can’t. Graphics can make your safety message visually come to life. The dot pictures displayed on this page are just a few samples of graphic effects you can program into your two-line Alpha Message Center. To increase their effectiveness, try using the sparkle-on, spray-on, moving dot, and/or starburst modes. They’re excellent tools for building an audience because employees will notice them.

Caution: Hard Hat Area

Employee Recognition

Use the Alpha Message Center to give employees positive feedback on their safety progress. For instance, when using the “CAUTION: Wear Your Safety Goggles” graphic, show the direct benefit of following this safety standard. For example, include the message, “John Miller was struck in the eye by a piece of metal while welding. However, because he was wearing his safety goggles, he wasn’t injured.”

Be Careful: Lift With Your Legs, Not Your Back!

Highlighting success stories like John’s is an excellent way for employees to see the true value of on-the-job safety.

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