Summer Safety Facts When Using Gasoline

You've probably heard the phrase, "Don't leave safety to chance". As we head into the summer months and spend more time outdoors - whether it's camping or mowing the lawn - we need to remember some key safety facts about gasoline use. And what better way to communicate this potentially life-saving information to your co-workers than with an ALPHA electronic Message Center. ALPHA Message Centers can play a very dynamic role in your company safety/employee communications program by highlighting and promoting information that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Measure Safety with the Counters Feature

ALPHA message centers provide dynamic, cost-effective safety and employee communications with a complete family of versatile indoor and outdoor message centers and built-in productivity features. One useful features, that can directly impact your company’s bottom line, is the Counters Feature.

The ALPHA Counters Feature allows you to use an ALPHA message center to track minutes, hours and/or days without an accident. You can display up to 5 independent counters within your messages. Each counter can be set to automatically count up or down from 0 to 99999999 by minute, hour or day. Here are a few of the many benefits to be gained using an ALPHA message center and the Counter Feature:

  • Up-to-the-minute calculation and accuracy of Loss Free Time (LFT)
  • Automatic tracking of LFT for different shifts/department via 5 independent counters.
  • Elimination of manual time needed to change static signage.
  • Increased awareness of employee safety records, goals and programs.
  • Dynamic, cost-effective safety/employee communications designed specifically for your business needs.

How many of these gasoline safety facts do you know? How about your coworkers?

Gasoline bums or explodes too easily to be safely used as a cleaner or fire starter. Many terrible accidents have occurred because of the mis-use of gasoline. Here are two typical scenarios:

  • A campfire is slow to start, so the camper splashes some gasoline onto the logs. The fire flashes back instantly along the vapor trail to the gasoline can. The result is a fatal explosion.

  • A worker soaks his heavily-soiled work clothing in gasoline in an effort to get it clean. The fuel vapors ignite in the washing machine. The resulting explosion injures the worker and blows the windows out of the house.

Gasoline is a highly flammable liquid. The vapors which escape from gasoline are easily ignited by any source of ignition, even a spark caused by static electricity. These vapors are heavier than air and collect in low unventilated places. When the accumulated vapors meet a source of ignition - such as a pilot light - an explosion results. When the fuel comes into contact with the skin, it strips away natural oils, leaving the skin vulnerable to irritation, infection and chronic skin problems or dermatitis. This is one reason why gasoline should not be used as a skin cleanser.

The vapors of gasoline are also hazardous to breathe. If large quantities of these vapors build up in an unventilated place, they can cause vomiting, dizziness, mental confusion, coma, brain damage and even death.

Poisoning by swallowing gasoline is another serious hazard - it is lethal in even small amounts. A drop of gasoline in the lungs can cause fatal chemical pneumonia. So never siphon gasoline by mouth. (Various gasoline siphoning devices are available at hardware and auto supply store Use them with care and according to directions.)

If you must store gasoline for equipment such as a lawnmower, keep only small quantities. Never store it in the house. Keep it in a cool, shaded, well ventilated area away from living quarters.

Always treat seemingly empty gasoline containers with caution, because they probably contain explosive vapors. If you would like more information about how your company can benefit from an ALPHA vital signs and safety/employee communications program, please contact Alpha-American Programmable Signs.

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