Alpha Remote Messaging System

The Alpha Remote Messaging System allows multiple users to create, edit, update, and transmit messages from their own PC on a LAN to one or more Alpha LED Displays. The messages running on the Alpha sign are displayed on the workstation screen when the Alpha Remote Messaging Editor is opened for that sign.

Shared Messaging -- This software application was designed for situations where multiple users of one or more Alpha signs need to access and update messages using their own computers.

Selecting your Alpha sign -- The following screen illustrates how a user selects the sign that he or she wants to update. Any name can be defined to describe the sign on this screen:

Message Editor in Browser -- Message composition and transmitting is done using Internet Explorer. The following screen illustrates a message with embedded special feature codes.

Drop-down menus allow users to insert display effects and animations in the messages. The following screen shows the Alpha Remote Messaging Editor screen and the Modes drop-down menu.

  • Special Effects -- The following Alpha features may be used in messages:

    • 25 Display Mode Codes -- roll up, roll down, roll in, roll out, roll right, roll left, wipe up, wipe down, wipe in, wipe out, wipe right, wipe left, flash, sparkle, twinkle, starburst, snow, slide, spray, hold, interlock, switch, rotate, scroll and automode.
    • 4 Line Position Codes -- top, bottom, middle and fill.
    • Character Codes -- are used to specify serif, san serif, proportional, fixed, wide, double wide, normal, 5 pixel high, 7 pixel high, 10 pixels high, 15 pixel high, double high, flashing characters, etc. These fonts and font sizes are built into the various Alpha readerboards. Changing character sizes provide variety and interest to messages and capture the attention of the viewer.
    • 7 Color Codes -- green, amber, red, rainbow 1, rainbow 2, mix and autocolor.
    • International Characters and Symbols -- Alpha signs will display the following characters and symbols:

    • Animations and Clock -- Most Alpha readerboards have nine pre-programmed animations built in. They may be incorporated into your messages. NOTE: Alpha 7000 and AlphaVision readerboards do not have built in pre- programmed animations; these models are designed for custom animations.

          • fireworks
          • cherry bomb
          • slot machine
          • running animal
          • don't drink and drive
          • turbo car
          • welcome
          • thank you
          • cherry bomb
    • Time and Date -- The time of day and date may be used in your messages.
  • Manual ? The Remote Messaging Manual describes:

    • installing server software on an Internet Information Server.
    • connecting the Alpha LED Displays to the Alpha Message Server.
    • setting up workstations to use the Alpha Remote Messaging Editor.
    • how to compose messages using the Alpha Remote Messaging Editor.
    • how to use the 25 special display effects, time of day, animations, international characters and other readerboard features.
    • how to exit and restart the system

This manual is provided to you upon receipt of your Purchase Order or upon request.

  • Warranty -- The software is covered by a lifetime warranty. If the Alpha Remote Messaging System software fails in any way, we will fix it or replace it by modem at no additional charge.

Required Items:

  • Message Server -- a Pentium III, Pentium IV, Celeron or AMD equivalent computer system, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with the latest Service Pack, Internet Information Services, and Internet Explorer with the latest Service Pack.

  • Connectivity to an Alpha Display -- RS232, RS485 or Ethernet connectivity must be established between the Alpha Message Server and the Alpha signs. The connectivity method you choose will depend on how many Alpha signs you are using, how far away from the Alpha Message Server they will be located, and which cabling method is preferred by your company. See Networking Alpha Signs for additional information.
  • Modem Phone Line -- An analog modem phone line and telephone jack should be installed near the Alpha Message Server for system installation and remote support. It is also used for training, for program maintenance and for troubleshooting problems when they occur.

  • Electricity -- 24 hour electrical wall plugs should be installed within 6' of each Alpha display. An electrical outlet is also needed for the RS-232/485 Converter Box.

  • Installation of the Alpha Message Server, Alpha Remote Message Editor software on user workstations, connectivity to Alpha displays, and installation of all Alpha LED Displays.

What To Order from Alpha-American Programmable Signs:

  • Alpha Remote Message System Software

  • Alpha Display Connectivity Items – RS232, RS485, or Ethernet connectivity may be used. See Networking Alpha Signs for additional information.

Options Available:

  • Turnkey Installation -- We will come to your facility to install the Alpha Remote Messaging System. We will train your personnel in the use of the system. Prior to our visit, you should have electricity, cabling, jacks and displays installed. We can provide those installation services upon request.


Remote Message Editor - Click this blue link to play a video that shows how a user selects the desired target sign, uses the drop-down menus to insert a Mode code and Color code into the message, types text, sends the message, and closes the editor.

Ordering Information:

  • For prices, please call Alpha-American at (800) 223-4636 or use our Request Form.
  • 7.75% California Sales Tax is added to sales of items delivered in California, unless other arrangements are made.
  • UPS shipping charges are added to each order.
  • Submit orders by fax, mail, e-mail or telephone.
  • Various terms are available.

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