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Program your Alpha electronic message display from your desktop Windows-based PC and include real-time information -- sports, news, financial, stocks, etc. -- from the Internet. Preview your messages after you compose them. Alpha Web Ticker Software comes complete with everything you need to get your message moving in the right direction. Program your messages easily with a message editor and pull-down menus. Adjust your messages easily and quickly.

Alpha Web Ticker Software connects with most Alpha electronic message displays. It's easy to use, easy to install, and real-time data keeps your messages current and interesting. Make your communication more efficient and effective using Alpha Web Ticker Software.

Alpha Web Ticker Software Features

  • allows you to compose and save your messages as files.
  • has a Simulator that shows how the message will display.
  • allows you to recall a message and format that you have created previously and modify it to create a new message in that same format.
  • supports the widest variety of connectivity methods -- direct cable connect using RS232 and RS485 on COM1 to COM4, or Ethernet adapters using an IP address.
  • allows you to send custom BMP graphics files to the Alpha 330C sign. 
  • comes with a graphics and animations program that will allow you to create those graphics and animations.
  • has features that allow you to integrate into your messages real-time data from appropriately-configured Web sites on the Internet.

Alpha Web Ticker stores your messages as files.  Messages can be reloaded from disk as you need them.  Today's message files become tomorrow's message templates.  You can reload a message and resend it to the sign, or you can edit an old message and save it.  Most users have many stored messages, and they regularly reuse these saved messages. 

Alpha Web Ticker Software can transmit custom graphics (BMPs) to Alpha displays.  We will include Paint Shop Pro, a program specifically designed for creating and modifying graphics and animations.  Alpha Web Ticker Software will also activate the nine animations that are built into Alpha displays. 

For additional information, call Alpha-American Programmable Signs at (800) 223-4636.

Software Kit Contents  

  • Software CD ROM.
  • Alpha 25 foot RS232 Serial Cable (DB9F - RJ12).

System Requirements

  • PC with CD ROM drive and mouse
  • VGA or SVGA color monitor
  • 16 MB RAM or greater
  • Windows 98, NT, XP, ME, or Vista operating system
  • 486 processor or better

Alpha Signs Supported  

  • 215C, 215R, and 220C
  • 320C and 330C
  • 4080C, 4120C, 4120R, 4160C, 4120R, 4200C,
  • 4200R, 4240C, and 4240R
  • 7080C, 7120C, 7160C, and 7200C
  • 9080C, 9120C, 9160C, 9200C, and 9240C
  • Big Dot
  • Personal Priority Display (PPD)
  • Alpha Eclipse and Streetsmart Outdoor Signs

Ordering Info

  • 7.75% California Sales Tax is added to sales of items delivered in California, unless other arrangements are made.
  • Shipping charges are added to each order unless software is delivered via email or download.
  • You may submit orders by fax, mail, e-mail or telephone.
  • Various terms are available.

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