Indoor Programmable Electronic Message Center Signs and Software

The BetaBrite is an indoor LED message center designed for retail, light industrial, commercial and office use. It displays text and graphics in eight colors and three rainbow effects. The BetaBrite is one of the brightest and sharpest indoor displays available.

Use the BetaBrite to convey information about your business, products, services and specials to employees, customers, visitors, students, patients and guests. The BetaBrite can be used to display employee communications that build company loyalty, boost morale and encourage teamwork. Display the company stock price, emphasize safety issues, advertise company-wide events, promote cafeteria specials, announce birthdays and anniversaries, and publish production goals and attainment.

The BetaBrite is frequently used as a point of sale display in restaurants, specialty shops, car washes and retail businesses; in waiting rooms to inform patients; and in hotels. It is often incorporated into casino gaming devices, ticket and postage vending machines.

Messages can be entered using a remote control keyboard that is as easy to understand and use as an ordinary calculator. Our unique Automode and Autocolor programming features eliminate the need to learn complicated programming procedures. Within seconds, anyone can create attractive visual messages with attention-getting impact.

Messages may also be entered using a computer and special messaging software.

Messages are enhanced by 26 built-in display modes, multiple colors, multiple text sizes and fonts, preprogrammed animations, user-designed graphics, day, date, time of day and many other special features.

BetaBrite Features

  • One Line – The BetaBrite is a one-line model. It displays text and graphics on one line.
  • Multicolor – The BetaBrite is a multicolor model. Text and graphics may be displayed in colors chosen from a palette of eight colors – red, green, amber, light red, light green, brown, orange and yellow – or in three rainbow color combinations. Specifying the built-in Autocolor feature automatically and randomly changes the color of each screen of text
  • 13 Character Display – The BetaBrite displays 13 characters in all modes, except Condensed Rotate mode. In Condensed Rotate mode, it displays 27 characters in ticker style.
  • 30K Memory – The BetaBrite will store up to 30,000 bytes of messages, programming instructions and graphics.
  • 2 Character Sizes – Characters can be 1.5" (5 pixels) or 2.1" (7 pixels) high.
  • 2 Character Fonts – Text can be displayed in two fonts – serif (fancy) or sans serif (block).
  • 4 Character Widths – Text can be displayed in four widths – normal, wide, double-wide, or wide double-wide – in both fonts.
  • Shadow Style – Text can be displayed in a 1.5" or 2.1" serif or sans serif font with a background shadow color. The shadow color for red or rainbow 1 characters is green. The shadow color for green, amber, rainbow 2 and mix characters is red.
  • Fixed or Proportional – Text can be displayed using fixed or proportional spacing.
  • 24 Character Styles – The two fonts, two character heights, four widths and shadow style can be combined to produce twenty-four character styles:
    • 2.1" Sans Serif Normal
    • 2.1" Sans Serif Normal with Shadow
    • 2.1" Sans Serif Wide
    • 2.1" Sans Serif Wide with Shadow
    • 2.1" Sans Serif Double-Wide
    • 2.1" Sans Serif Double-Wide with Shadow
    • 2.1" Sans Serif Wide Double-Wide
    • 2.1" Sans Serif Wide Double-Wide with Shadow
    • 2.1" Serif Normal
    • 2.1" Serif Normal with Shadow
    • 2.1" Serif Wide
    • 2.1" Serif Wide with Shadow
    • 2.1" Serif Double-Wide
    • 2.1" Serif Double-Wide with Shadow
    • 2.1" Serif Wide Double-Wide
    • 2.1" Serif Wide Double-Wide with Shadow
    • 1.5" Sans Serif Normal
    • 1.5" Sans Serif Normal with Shadow
    • 1.5" Sans Serif Wide
    • 1.5" Sans Serif Wide with Shadow
    • 1.5" Sans Serif Double-Wide
    • 1.5" Sans Serif Double-Wide with Shadow
    • 1.5" Sans Serif Wide Double-Wide
    • 1.5" Sans Serif Wide Double-Wide with Shadow
  • Store 65 Messages – The BetaBrite will hold up to 65 messages files at one time. Each message file can be any size. The BetaBrite dynamically allocates memory to each message file as needed up to the total amount of memory available.
  • Battery Backup – The BetaBrite has battery backup for messages. Messages are retained in memory for up to a month when the BetaBrite is unplugged.
  • Sequence 128 Messages – Up to 128 messages files may be run in a sequence. Messages files may be listed more than once in the sequence.
  • Message Scheduling – Each message can display on its own schedule, automatically turning on and turning off at specified times on specified days without human or computer intervention. Each message can be programmed with the day and time to start running and the day and time to stop running. Daily recurring messages, such as Lunch Time Specials and Coffee Break Specials or messages coordinated with public transportation arrival and departure schedules, can turn on and turn off at the appropriate times each day. Safety-oriented messages, such as "Lift With Your Legs, Not With Your Back" or "Don't Forget To Wear Your Safety Goggles" can be scheduled to display at different times, instead of at the same time, to achieve maximum effect and variety.
  • Wireless Keyboard – The BetaBrite comes with a remote control keyboard. The remote control keyboard emits infrared light that controls many BetaBrite functions. The remote control keyboard can be used up to 30 feet away from the BetaBrite. It can be used to:
    • turn the BetaBrite on and off
    • turn off and on the programming keys beep feature
    • program messages
    • run messages
    • delete specific messages
    • insert display modes, special effects and features, and international characters into messages
    • compose dot graphic files and incorporate them into messages
    • set the message file run sequence
    • set the start and stop times and dates for each message file
    • set the time, day and date
    • clear display memory
    • password protect the messages
    • run the built-in diagnostic tests
  • Password Protection and Message Locking – These features are provided to prevent unauthorized messages or changes to messages in the BetaBrite.
  • International Character Set – Messages may contain all the upper and lower case letters (A - Z and a - z), the numbers 0 - 9, and the special characters:

! @ # $ % & * ( ) _ - + = | \ { } [ ] : ; ? ? < > , . ? / `

The following international characters and symbols may also be displayed:

These characters and symbols allow you to compose messages in more than one language, in English and in Spanish, for example, so you can display the messages in an alternating language message sequence.

  • 24 Special Characters – The BetaBrite has 24 built-in special characters and glyphs that may be displayed in messages:
    • Y Punctuation Key Symbol
    • Carriage Return Symbol
    • Up Arrow
    • Down Arrow
    • Left Arrow
    • Right Arrow
    • Pacman Symbol
    • Sailboat
    • Baseball
    • Telephone Handset
    • Heart
    • Car
    • Handicap Wheelchair Symbol
    • Rhino Head
    • Mug
    • Satellite Dish
    • Copyright Symbol ©
    • Male Symbol
    • Female Symbol
    • Bottle
    • Diskette
    • Printer
    • Musical Note
    • Infinity Symbol
  • 26 Display Modes – The BetaBrite has 26 display modes that control how the characters of each message enter, display and exit the display screen. Using a variety of display modes in a message gives "eye-appeal" to the message:
    • Automode – Characters enter, display and exit using randomly selected display modes.
    • Roll (Up, Down, Left, Right, In, Out) – Characters move onto the display down from the top (Roll Down), up from the bottom (Roll Up), from the right end to the left (Roll Left), from the left end to the right (Roll Right), move into position vertically from the top and bottom (Roll In), move into position vertically, entering from the center horizontal row (Roll Out).
    • Wipe (Up, Down, Left, Right, In, Out) – Characters are revealed as each horizontal row or vertical column of pixels is lighted row by row or column by column – from the top row of the character down (Wipe Down), from the bottom row of the character up (Wipe Up), from the left column of the message to the right (Wipe Right), from the right column of the message to the left (Wipe Left), from the center column of the message to the right and left columns (Wipe Out), or from the right and left columns of the message to the center column (Wipe In).
    • Scroll – Characters move up onto the display from the bottom, and any displayed characters move up and off the display.
    • Rotate – Characters travel from right to left across the display in the familiar stock market ticker display mode.
    • Condensed Rotate – Characters travel from right to left across the display in a horizontally-compressed font in the familiar stock market ticker display mode.
    • Hold – Characters display without effects or motion for a specified length of time. The length of time the message stays on the screen is determined by the Speed code.
    • Flash – All characters blink on and off simultaneously several times.
    • Twinkle – The pixels of the displayed characters oscillate their intensity.
    • Sparkle – New characters appear as their pixels turn on randomly and pixels in existing characters randomly turn off.
    • Snow – Lighted pixels sprinkle down from the top pixel row, building new characters from the bottom up, like accumulating snow.
    • Interlock – The 2nd, 4th, and 6th horizontal rows of pixels in the characters move rapidly from the left end to the right, while the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th horizontal rows of pixels move rapidly from the right end to the left, forming the message on the display.
    • Switch – Every other character, i.e., the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, etc., moves onto the display from the top down, as the remaining characters move onto the display from the bottom up, pausing momentarily to display the message.
    • Slide – Characters slide rapidly across the display, one at a time, from right to left, building the message from left to right.
    • Spray – The pixels of characters move across the display from right to left in a spray effect, forming the characters from left to right.
    • Starburst – Several star-patterns display randomly, then form new characters, replacing any previously displayed characters.
  • 6 Speeds – The BetaBrite has six Speed codes that control how long characters stay on the display in Hold and other modes, and how fast text moves across the display in the two Rotate modes. A special "no hold" Speed code can be used with Hold mode to create user-designed animation effects.
  • 11 Built-in Animations – The BetaBrite has eleven built-in graphic animations that can be inserted into messages as special effects:
    • Cherry Bomb – The fuse on a cherry bomb burns down, and the bomb explodes.
    • Don't Drink and Drive – A car collides with a bubbling cocktail glass, tossing its passenger and displaying the message "Please Don't Drink and Drive."
    • Fireworks – Colorful firework patterns explode and cascade on the display.
    • No Smoking – A burning cigarette is extinguished, flipped with a finger and replaced with the international No Smoking symbol.
    • Fish – Three little fish – one red, one yellow and one green – swim from left to right past green underwater vegetation, then swim right to left, chased by a red shark.
    • Slot Machine – A slot machine spins with random outcomes.
    • Balloon – About a dozen balloons in different sizes and colors float up. Ends with exploding effect.
    • News Flash – A colorful satellite dish graphic "transmits" dots upward as the characters, "NEWS FLASH" in red, green and yellow, wipe right.
    • Trumpet Playing Music – A trumpet rolls down onto the screen. As its valves move up and down, eight red and green notes come out of the trumpet and move across the screen to the right.
    • Thank You – "Thank You" is written in script from left to right.
    • Welcome – "Welcome" is written in script from left to right.
  • Automatic Message Centering – Messages are automatically centered on the BetaBrite display in all display modes, except when the Fixed Characters code is used. The Fixed Characters code left-justifies messages, and uses fixed (equal) character spacing from left to right. The primary use of the Fixed Characters code on the BetaBrite is to display similar fields of data on consecutive screens in the same pixel positions.
  • Display Graphics – The BetaBrite will display user-designed graphics and logos, up to 7x80 pixels each, with your messages. You can create and store graphics in the BetaBrite using the remote control keyboard, or you can use a computer and special software. Using a computer, compose or scan bitmap (.bmp) graphics and save the bitmap files on disk. Then use software, such as AlphaNet Plus for Windows or Smart Alec, to send messages and graphics to the BetaBrite.
  • Display Custom Animations – The BetaBrite will display user-designed animations – sequences of user-designed bitmap graphic files. The animations may play alone, or they may be included with a message.
  • No Battery Backed Up Clock – The BetaBrite keeps the time, but it does not have a built-in, battery backed up real-time clock. The time and date (day, month, year) can be set using either the remote control keyboard or using a computer with software that sends the computer's time and date to the BetaBrite. The day, date and time are retained in BetaBrite memory as long as the BetaBrite is plugged in. Once you unplug the BetaBrite, the clock, day and date must be reset.
  • 12- or 24-Hour Time Display – The BetaBrite can display the time of day in either 12-hour or 24-hour format.
  • Computer Connection – The BetaBrite may be attached to computers, control equipment and communication devices that communicate using RS232 protocol. An RS232 attachment port is a standard feature. Ethernet and POCSAG (pager transmission) attachment options are available.
  • Message Verification and Error Checking – Built-in features ensure that messages are received accurately when a computer or control equipment sends messages or data to the BetaBrite by cable.
  • Priority Message – The BetaBrite has a 125-byte Priority message file that can be activated by special programming. When the Priority message file is activated, all other message files that are currently running stop being displayed. When the Priority message is terminated, the other messages resume displaying.
  • Audible Alert – A Tone feature may be invoked to beep the BetaBrite as needed. Several tone control programming options are built-in.
  • Program with both Computer and Keyboard – The BetaBrite may be programmed by computer and by remote control keyboard without either the computer or the remote control keyboard disrupting the messages programmed by the other device. You may define how much of the storage capacity of the BetaBrite is reserved for programming by the remote control keyboard. You can also allow or deny remote control keyboard access to message files transmitted to the BetaBrite by computer.
  • Non-Blinking String File Updates – The BetaBrite supports "String Files" and real-time updating of String Files without blinking the messages displayed on the sign. String files are memory areas set aside in sign memory by special programming. One use of String Files is to store changing data being updated by an external device or computer. For example, the BetaBrite could be programmed to display three (or more) ACD statistics fields for each of ten (or more) ACD queues. As the real time values change for each of the 30 variables (3 x 10), the updated values can be transmitted into the BetaBrite instantly, without causing the BetaBrite to blink and without affecting the information currently being displayed. String Files can also be used to save sign memory. For example, if the same data is displayed multiple times within a message, the data can be stored once in a String File and recalled from its String File location each time it is needed.
  • Nested Commands – For programmers writing control sequences using native sign communication protocol, multiple commands can be repeated or "nested" within a transmission frame.
  • Clear Memory Easily – When debugging and testing software and messages features, the remote control keyboard can be used to clear the memory of the sign quickly and conveniently, without opening the BetaBrite enclosure or taking it down from where it is mounted. Clearing memory removes all messages, graphic files and the password that have been programmed into the BetaBrite.
  • Supports Wireless Applications – The BetaBrite supports POCSAG or pager transmission format. It can be programmed for wireless applications.
  • Wireless News and Sports Service – The BetaBrite can be equipped with a wireless broadcast receiver that will display the latest news headlines, financial market summaries, sports information and scores, in addition to your own messages. The receiver and news service are extra charge options.
  • Update Firmware Easily – When new features or firmware improvements for the BetaBrite are announced by Adaptive Micro Systems, firmware upgrades may be purchased and easily installed. BetaBrite firmware is provided on a chip conveniently mounted in a chip carrier that literally snaps into a socket inside the enclosure.
  • Keyboard Programming Manual – A programming manual describing how to use the remote control keyboard is provided with the BetaBrite. It is well-written, well-organized and easy to use. It includes tutorial exercises and feature reference tables. English, Spanish and Portuguese versions of the manual may be downloaded at no charge from our website.
  • Technical Assistance and Support – Ongoing limited customer assistance for installation issues and technical support are provided by Alpha-American Programmable Signs at no additional charge.
  • Programming Assistance and Training – Our experienced instructors and technicians are available by telephone or on site in your location.
  • Internet Support – Both the manufacturer, Adaptive Micro Systems, and distributor, Alpha-American Programmable Signs, have informative web sites.
  • 110 or 230V – The BetaBrite is completely solid-state. It has a removable power cord and transformer that plugs into a standard 120V AC electrical outlet. For a more attractive installation, if possible, locate your electrical outlet out of sight behind the BetaBrite or above the drop ceiling, if the BetaBrite is being mounted near the ceiling.
  • Attractive Enclosure – The BetaBrite has an attractive Eurostyle case design that will compliment any business environment.
  • Mounting Hardware – Each BetaBrite includes mounting hardware for wall, counter top and ceiling installations. Back-to-back mounting hardware for ceiling-mounted configurations is available as an extra charge option.
  • One Year Warranty – The BetaBrite has a one-year USA factory warranty. After the one-year warranty expires, the BetaBrite will be repaired and returned for a nominal flat rate.

BetaBrite Specifications

  • AMS Part #: 1036-1111
  • Display Array: 80 pixels wide x 7 pixels high
  • Number of Lines: 1
  • Maximum Character Height: 2.1" (4.3 cm)
  • Maximum Number of 2.1" Characters Displayed at Once: 13 characters in all modes except Condensed Rotate mode; 27 characters in Condensed Rotate mode.
  • Pixel Size (diameter): 0.2" (.05 cm)
  • Pixel (LED) Colors: Red, Green, Amber, Light Red, Light Green, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2 and Mix
  • Center-to-Center Pixel Spacing (Pitch): 0.3" (0.8 cm)
  • Character Set: Block (sans serif); Decorative (serif); Upper and Lower case; Normal, Wide and Double-Wide
  • Automatic Centering: Messages center in any mode, except when Fixed Characters is specified. Fixed Characters left justifies messages in any mode.
  • Power: 7 VDC at 3.25A, 50/60 HZ
  • Keyboard: Handheld, Eurostyle, Infrared-Wireless, Remote operated
  • Case Material: Extruded aluminum
  • Display Area Size: 24" L x 2.1" H
  • Case Size: 25.8" L x 2.0" D x 3.8" H
  • Display Weight: 2.55 lbs (1.16 kg) not including power cord or remote keyboard
  • Limited Warranty: One-year parts and labor, factory servicing
  • Agency Approvals:
    • 120 VAC Model: Listed to ANSI/UL 1950-3rd Edition (US) and CAN/CSA-22.2 No. 950-M89 (Canada)
    • 230 VAC Models: Complies with EN 60950: 1992 (Europe) and AS/NZS 3260-1993 (Australia/New Zealand)
    • FCC Part 15 Class ACE Marked (optional for 230 VAC model)
  • Operating Temperature: 32º to 120ºF, 0º to 50ºC
  • Humidity Range: 0% to 95% non-condensing
  • Current Firmware Revision

Related Accessories and Replacement Parts

  • External Power Supplies:
    • USA, 35W 120VAC Input 7V Output
    • Europe, 25W 230VAC Input 7V Output
  • Remote Control Keyboard
    • BetaBrite Infrared Remote Keyboard with 2 AA Batteries Included
  • Message Loader (Serial/Infrared) with 9V Battery and 3' Cable
  • RS232 Connectivity Items
    • 25' RS232 6-conductor Modular Cable with RJ11-06 connectors on each end
    • RS232 Serial Adapter (DB25F to RJ11-06) for 25-pin Serial Ports
    • RS232 Serial Adapter (DB9F to RJ11-06) for 9-pin Serial Ports
    • RS232 Serial Adapter (DB25M to RJ11-06) for Modem use
    • RS232 Serial Adapter (DB25M to DB9F) Gender changer for 9-pin Serial Port
    • RS232 Serial Adapter (DB25F to DB9M) Gender changer for 25-pin Serial Port
    • 25' RS232 6-conductor Modular Cable with RJ11-06 connectors on each end
    • 50' RS232 6-conductor Modular Cable with RJ11-06 connectors on each end
    • 6-Conductor RJ11 Coupler for connecting RS232 Cables together (Maximum 50' length)
  • Alpha Ethernet Adapter Kits and Components
    • Alpha Ethernet Adapter – 10 Base T Serial Server
    • Alpha Ethernet Adapter – DB25F to RJ11 Connector
    • Alpha Ethernet Adapter Cable
    • MSS100 Ethernet Serial Server – 10/100 Base
    • MSS485 Ethernet Serial Server – 10 Base
  • Alpha Discrete Input Interface Kit and Components
    • Alpha Discrete Input Interface CPU Module
    • Alpha Discrete Input Interface Power Supply
    • Alpha Discrete Input Interface Kit (Sink Mode)
    • Additional Input Module (Sink Mode)
    • Alpha Discrete Input Interface Kit (Source Mode)
    • Additional Input Module (Sink Mode)
  • Wireless Broadcast Receiver and News Service
  • Firmware Update
  • Back-to-back Mounting Brackets

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Software Available

Technical Support

  • Hardware:
    • From Distributor, Alpha-American Programmable Signs
    • From Manufacturer, Adaptive Micro Systems
  • Software:
    • From Alpha-American Programmable Signs
    • From Adaptive Micro Systems
    • From other sign software providers

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    • Send an e-mail request for prices.
    • Use our Request Form.
  • 7.75% California Sales Tax is added to sales of items delivered in California, unless other arrangements are made.
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