Frequently Asked Questions

  • To connect a single wall board to a PC do I need a Converter Box, or do I just plug the RJ11 jack into the wall board and the other end to the RS232 PC port? Answer

  • How do I connect the Converter Box, RS485 wire, RS485 cables, RS485 Network Adapters, and Alpha signs in a multiple sign RS485 network? Answer
  • What is the Alpha Call Center System, and how does it work? Answer
  • When our ACD readerboards aren't updating, should I reboot the computer to fix the problem? Answer
  • What is the current configuration of the Alpha ACD Server PC? Answer
  • I am trying to hook up my sign to a PC that is some 80 feet away. In my office downstairs I have the 25-foot RS232 cable supplied by AMS going from my Serial Port to a CAT5 jack in the wall. From there I have about 75 feet of CAT5 cable going to another CAT5 jack near the sign upstairs. Then I have a 6-foot, 6-wire modular cable going to the sign. It doesn't work. I have tested all of the cables and they're good. I tried lowering the baud rate to 4800, as someone suggested, with no luck. I'm not getting anything on the sign - the old message that I last transmitted with the shorter cable is still on the sign untouched. It looks like there's no communication with the sign. Do you have any suggestions? Answer
  • How do I program my Alpha (or BetaBrite) sign? Answer
  • I have a problem sending messages to the Director using the AMS Alpha Messaging software. Letters are dropped from some of the words that I send to the sign. The Director seems to keep selected effects, even though the new message doesn't have the effect anymore. I have removed it from my computer screen! Erasing words from the computer screen just seems to confuse the Director more. Words and letters appear on my computer screen, but they don't transmit to the Director. As a test, I made nine messages using the numbers 1-9. Unless I used the same effect, color and time period on all the pages, then some of the pages on the Director lost characters on lines or entire lines. I have tried using AlphaNet Plus software, BetaBrite Messaging software and Alpha Messaging software, and all seem to produce the same or similar problems. I would like to get to a point where I can send messages from my PC to an Infrared Message Loader and from the Message Loader to the Director. But right now, using the Message Loader freezes up the Director or produces a communication error. Any help would be most gratefully appreciated. Answer
  • What questions do you ask someone who is thinking about using your Alpha ACD system and readerboards? Answer

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